Take a look at how a madam became a driver to her driver for a day: a driver who was detailed to take his madam to bauchi from Abuja managed to reach bauchi half asleep. The madam sensing that it was going to be very risky allowing the said driver to drive her back to Abuja in the same manner the driver did from Abuja to bauchi. The madam after all the transactions for the day and it was also already late, told the driver to go to the owner’s seat. The madam took over the steering and drove succeessfully back to Abuja with the driver not even able to utter a word because he( the driver) slept all through the return trip. What a driver u may say! The question is whether the driver’s salary should be cut down by one day, u may ask? Surprisingly, the said madam did not cut the driver’s salary. The salary of the said driver was paid to him in full, but he was also led off as a result of that incident. Life is previous u may say!

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