Take a look at the little sense of a little boy: a little boy misplaced his five pounds note. He cried uncontrollably until his big uncle arrived. His big uncle asked him the reason he was crying and he explained to his big uncle. His big uncle consoled him and gave him another five pounds note. His uncle told him to stop crying. But surprisingly, the little boy cried harder. His big uncle got confused and asked him what the matter was again. Shockingly, the little boy said to his uncle that he was crying harder because he would have had ten pounds because his uncle just gave him five pounds. His big uncle laughed uncontrollably and took time to explain to the little boy that , if he did not misplace his five pounds note, that he( his big uncle) would not also have given him another five pounds. So how then would he have had ten pounds? Ha ha ha haaaah! What a little boy with his little sense!

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